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Mk1 Build Thread

Mk1 Build Thread

8-tapid cover engine paint accident & rebuild The paint was pealing off my tappet cover so I got this idea of using a wire brush and giving it that bare "brushed steel - look".

My engine block was rusting, so I decided to give it and some other parts a spray of blue engine enamel. I really like this blue and it makes my engine bay look clean and as good as new. :)

So I'm driving in my car with my gf on our way out for drinks along a main road and this women doesnt stop at the relevant stop sign and stops her car in the middle of the f?*&king road!!! So I swerve to the left to avoid a crash (assuming she wouldn't stop in the middle of the road) and I "clipped" her white Polo. Luckly no one was seriously injured. because the intersecting road was at an angle, I didn't "T-bone" her properly and saved lives in the process. I think I'll feel better if I share my anger and misery with you all :mad: :cry:

As I "clipped" the Polo, it ripped my fender clean off and got stuck in her door!

I've got the most modern fenders now. They have the side indicators and the aerial hole has been removed.

Most of the body work is done and almost time for paint.

Oil cooler, pulleys and water pump to be replaced
Thanks! I agree about the tail lights, my car has never looked better :cool:

New tail lights

Old tail lights.

I really like my new tail lights :grin:. I removed the high level brake light to give the back a more clean look. The tail lights look even better at night!

I really like my modern fendors! I'll get front mud guards this week.

I finally got the OEM airbox that is de-trumpeted. I also now have a new: oil cooler, radiator (not shroud, still 100%) water pipes, water pump, pulleys. The engine bay also got treated to a re-spray. The addition of a new: bonnet, grille, valance, fendors and bumper shave many years off my car. :grin:

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