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Mk1 Build Thread

Mk1 Build Thread

7-Fuel injection part3 Back tyres are back on!

My new fuel lines

I had to use a longer vacuum pipe for the brake master cylinder (the "BMW" high pressure hose). I ended up not using the MP9 coil pictured here. The Gotech ecu requires a 2 pin coil (as found on a carb model Citi).

The ADY dizzy (on the right) is a single window dizzy and I need a 4 window dizzy which I will have to buy (MINUS THE MECHANICAL ADVANCE). The ADY and 2E dizzies have a wider base (where it plugs into the block) than a short block dizzy (1.3 to 1.8 motors). I ended up replacing the inner core of my ADY dizzy with that of a 4 window Polo dizzy. The easiest option isto just use a 2E dizzy which is a 4 window dizzy.
The pics aren't the greatest quality...taken with my 6110 navigator. The Gotech is wired up and as we are about to load the basic map then the power relay dies. I also had to buy a new dizzy cos the 4 window dizzy I tried to use has a mechanical advance :oops: (I forgot) . So hopefully tomorrow it will be up and running :)

Map sensor pipe which I bought hich is high pressure hydraulic piping I bought from Quick Hydraulic (012-804 9417). I got my rubber fuel lines there too (about R30 per meter instead of VW being about R150 per meter) are very reasonable and are high quality seeing as their pipes are used for hydraulics (heavy pressure). They are just down the road from Goldwagen in Silverton

Map sensor

My car leaving this morning for its mapping :)
So I was driving my car and suddenly it dies :x ... so she gets towed to my mechy Jacques at his business Jakaranda Service Centre (they just do Vw's) next to City Used spares in PTA. The Goldwagen WAG 4 window dizzy is a piece of s**t! the one pin snapped off while I was driving... It didn't even last a month. In the process of the WAG dizzy dying it pissed alot of oil out (not balanced properly) which I still have to clean off the engine block around the dizzy. I can't return the WAG dizzy for a refund because it is an electrical item which has no return option :x

So Jacques (0828934268 - Jakaranda Service Centre) built me a new dizzy - ADY dizzy body with a 4 window core... Works well and affordable :)

Domingos from Gotech wired up the ECU for me.

using my original 2 pin coil

I will be using this MP9 water temp sensor that will get hooked up to my Gotech ECU.

You can see part of my new wiring harness going to various relays, earths and to the battery.

Injectors all wired up

My Gotech ecu working 100%, with the final tuning also comes mounting the ecu and the harness under the dash some where. That grey cable (serial cable) plugs into the tuner's laptop.

Some pics of my engine bay...dirty but it all works :). I am using my carb induction along with a new air filter for the time being until I relocate my water bottle and buy an OEM airbox. I am still waiting for my final mapping sometime this week which will be done at Glenwood Motors by Domingos from Gotech :) .

water heat sensor hooked up

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