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Mk1 Build Thread

Mk1 Build Thread

5-Feul injection & new brake lines part 1
It happened a week before Christmas, I have'nt been able to load pics till now. I rear-ended a Tazz's tow-bar :evil: About R8k damage... It was about 1cm from damaging the radiator :shock: It will only be fixed by wednesday next week and I handed it in on monday at the panel beaters (they only got the part yesterday supposedly) :evil:

I'm really glad to have my car back!

Prelude to :twisted: My ADY intake mani etc I will be using.

Fi fuel tank and fuel pump I sourced from a Velociti.

I bought this mp9 coil. I ended up using my original 2 pin coil for my Gotech as it only requires a negative and a positive. The mp9 coil is a 3 pin coil with a "signal" pin in between the positive and negative pins. For this to work with Gotech / Dicktator etc, you have to open it up to connect directly to the positive and negative (according to my tuner).

Gasket maker, comes in handy

some of this will be used to connect the fuel pressure regulator to the intake manifold

Fuel filter

My new OEM fi fuel filler pipe. I got this for 2 reasons: firstly there is a narrow "funnel" welded into the mouth of the pipe which is only wide enough to accept an unleaded petrol spout (I don't want the petrol guy to accidentally put LRP in my car) and I wanted a fresh start with a new pipe and petrol cap.

When tank is too full (around the yellow line )
1) Fuel exits tank in this black pipe which runs into thin white opaque pipe, then into a 2) black "trumpet" then onto the road. The thin white pipe is clipped to the excess trim of the tank (which most was hanging lose in this picture). 3) this is where your filler pipe joins the fuel tank. 4) this pipe feeds the fuel pump. It is a gravity feed pump. The pump pushes the petrol forward into circulation.

1) Clear plastic breather pipe from filler pipe joins tank here. This is necessary when filling up with fuel to allow air to escape the tank. 2) Excess fuel exits tank in this black pipe which runs into thin white opaque pipe, then into a black "trumpet" then onto the road. 3) Large pipe that feeds the fuel pump via gravity. The smaller pipe (connects to the fuel pump above the big pipe) is needed for the fuel gauge sender unit which sits inside the white "disk" at the top of the tank (to tell you the level of petrol left in your tank when the car has power). 4) The return fuel lines connects here to the tank. 5) The (+) and (-) wiring of the fuel pump.

Breather pipe for fuel filler pipe.

Loads of hose clamps of various sizes.

8mm high pressure fuel hose (about 4m).

Go tech Mini x ECU and wiring harness.
Got the fi petrol cap (my carb cap doesn't fit) from Goldwagen today (GW). I have also attached the breather pipe
Edit to add: Don't by the petrol cap from GW, any mk1 / Citi ignition key can open it and they don't last long. I soon replaced it with an OEM cap. I had the cap lock modified to accept my ignition key.

I stopped being lazy and bought the right stuff

new brake fluid, thanks Carbster for the advice regarding "bleeding".

New 57mm branch/header knuckle gasket I bought from Noise Boys.

Metal fi (8mm, carb is 6mm) fuel lines from VW: both feeding and return pipes

I made this dodgy "fuel filter holder" because the OEM one is hard to find. It works alright. I will eventualy get around to replacing it with the proper one. At least both strut towers look symmetrical.

I sanded and polished my intake mani (except around fuel rail which I didn't want to remove)

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