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Mk1 Build Thread

Mk1 Build Thread

4-2.0 Engine install I cleaned my gearbox and carb intake mani amongst many other things

My 1800 intermediate shaft was modified to clear the #4 con rod journal (2,87mm removed) so I can use my existing mechanical fuel pump and dizzy with vacuum advance till I go fi later on. A great job done by Alan Y Brink.

This is my VW 210mm flywheel that I bought from Racer Rob that has been balanced. I thought it was damaged after my engine died :oops: . Turns out tht chunk missing is to balance it, go figure hey :geek:

New VW flywheel and pressure plate bolts.

Here we have in no paricular order: gaskets, seals, adaptor plates (ring on carb dizzy, intake mani and fuel pump), modified intermediate shaft and carb dizzy. * Use Gasket "paper" cut out in the shape of the adaptor plate. That rubber seal pictured is for fi breather on engine block.

Used my friends old merc to get the motor home... it has a massive boot! We got the motor out with a block and tackle

Here we just got the motor out of the boot
Unfortunetly the the completion of the surgery is delayed due to gearbox issues (I dropped the speedo cable bolt into the gearbox which will have to be removed by specialists...I've tried to get it out :oops: ). Here are some pics of the work so far :)

A nice shot of the welsh plug I had to use on the ADY block before the alternator was put on

Me working till late at night on getting my new motor up and running

I had to plug the hole in the block with 30mm or 40mm (I can't remember, try both) walsh plug and some Red devil gasket maker next to the fuel pump and it's adaptor plate.

Off to get carb setup

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