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Mk1 Build Thread

Mk1 Build Thread

3-Stickers 272 cam Blown 1800 motor
"Representing"! :twisted: Please excuse the dirty car :wink:

My 272 VW Motorsport cam

My motor was destroyed last night... ran too lean, burnt the tip off the number 3 spark plug and the crank will not turn clock-wise or ant-clockwise :evil: :cry: :cry: So I will strip the motor tomorrow but it looks like I will probably buy a 2E motor with Go-tech, my current 4-2-1 branch and 57mm ff for now, so it will be quite a beast :twisted: I eventually want to go turbo :twisted:
I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

Pics of the work thats been so far. A big thanks to Rob for the use of his tools and my friend Shaun for the help. Will be taking whats left of the motor out tonight :wink:

Pics of the aftermath

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