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Mk1 Build Thread

2-grill Modified carb, heat sheild GTimer run Wildcat rev counter My new Grill and tyre brand sticker

My newly modified and polished Keihin, finished in the night.

Not just another white Mk1...

My nice and shiny heat shield.

Pics of the G-Timer run, with two of us in the car :shock: :shock: :shock:
Very impressive for a 1800 carb!!!!!!!!


My stainless steel Bosal Brospeed tailpipe... attached to my two 57mm boxes. I chose this tailpipe because it resembles the angular design of the mk. I love the soud my 272 makes :twisted:

My 4-2-1 Widcat :twisted:

Oil breather - Filter filtted

I moved my oil breather... please excuse that poor excuse for a bracket holding the oil breather (epoxy and piece of steel), will be getting one on soon. Outside of the picture the green pipe has a steep dip to stop oil rushing into the filter

My ride will never win a show 'n shine ( it's not a "looker " in any shape or form) but the tach is only for function (no form).

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