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Mk1 Build Thread

Mk1 Build Thread

15-tach big brake rear shocks top strut bar I decided today to finally go buy a tacho with a shift light. It is a big Auto Gauge one. I might spray the tacho matte black. It will go where my previous one did.

The 280mm ventilated disks are fitted! Thanks Donald for fitting them for me and for the last minute new inner CV, you are a LEGEND! Even though the pads haven't worn in completely and that I'm taking it easy; I can still feel an improvement in braking.

I finally got my KONI Sport shocks at the back! They were adjusted for trackday use, harder than the front KONI Sport shocks. My ride quality is still surprisingly decent. Now my KONI Sport suspension setup is complete.Once again I got awesome service from Steve and his team. When Steve took my car for a "proper spin", it handled SO well I couldn't believe it.

3mm spacers were put on the back because the tyres were touching the Sport springs.
I got an upper front strut brace / bar. I think it really completes the engine bay. I also got new KONI stickers and a Powerflex sticker.

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