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Mk1 Build Thread

MK1 Build Thread

14-race mps gymkhana wheels springs On a side note: I'm really happy with my car's performance with the 276
 cam and Shane's (K.A.R) tuning of my Gotech MFI X(* see latest tlgp with
 a Mazda 3 MPS with software and CAI) :grin: . All my hard work, blood, sweat, tears
 and $ have paid off :grin: :driving: . As you all know, this club's technical gurus, friends
and my mechy Jacques have been instrumental in my car's transformation,
thanks again. She has come along way: she made about 55hp atw with her original
1600 carb motor (with 196 000km on the clock, many "ponies" escape :lol: ) to my
current 114hp. I have great plans for my Citi; better braking, handling and much faster :grin: 

* Taken from the Mazda forum. The MPS was modded:"Flashed (software) + Fujita CAI" . ... =45&t=4186<br>

"3 MPS vs City Golf (I wouldn't Laugh)
On my way back from the breakfast run in Pta I came across this White city golf. The guy
will burn in from the robot until the next robot. After the third robot I started to get this itchy
 feeling to show this guy a thing or two. I let him go infront until i hook 3rd then just slam it.
 What I'm not catching up as fast as i should?????
Second robot from the itchy feeling again, leave him and slam it as i hook 3rd. Same story
Now i'm feeling a bit anoid.
3rd robot hook him from 1st, buggering up with 2nd and away he goes.
Pissed off, really pissed off by now......
4th robot, tracktion off, wife next to me ( blah blah blah) non stop, robot goes green,
 gr8 launch, hook 2nd and the guy is about 2 cars back, yes only 2 cars.
(EDITED: from my vantage point behind the MPS it was about 1 car length, to elaborate further: less than 2 cars)
Stop at next robot, the guy opens his window and we have a chat. Its a moddd 2lt 8v he stutters
 (EDITED: It was the adrenaline, my first few proper races with my cam ). You can hear the thing
 can't even idle from the cams. That was a farking fast City. What i could see was KAR stickers on the
 little thingy. So ja, don't under estimate little thingys if you don't know what in their blood. LOL

Mazda 3 MPS 2009 Mk1 (Silver Bullet);Flashed + Fujita CAI
Opel Corsa 1.4i 2002 (Work Pony)
Nissan Tiida 1.6 2009 (Moms Taxi)"

I've just put the back seat and back board back. You can also see my Sansui 6x9's


Pic courtesy of Ghost. My Citi is the white one on the right with the big fron tyres and black side mirrors.

So the time has arrived for me to finally get 15's!
I saw those RHC Imperial Alloys in the flesh and they didn't look too great, so I rather bought the RHC Stride Alloys. I also got TSW stainless steel valves, Lock nuts and stainless steel internal Hex wheel bolts. I must thank everyone for advicing me to buy the Michelin Exalto 2 Pilot tyres, they are really fantastic the dry and the wet. I'll take proper pics soon

So I got my KONI Sport springs fitted today and I got my KONI Sport shocks in the front adjusted (harder setting, perfect for gymkhanas).I was told by Steve's son that my new RHC alloys were light, so that is good news too ! Thanks guys for the great service!

I finally got time to upload some more pics. Here are some pics of the KONI Sport springs being installed @ KONI of course. The wheel alignment was done at TWT.

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